CMA Website error possible solutions

Hello Upcoming professionals, CMA Website error possible solutions, this is not just for this exam application, this may also help you out throughout your career as we all will be working on a system.

There are two types of problems commonly faced:

  1. If we open the site and it shows the site cannot be reached like the below pic – then we can’t do anything they need to fix it from the opposite end, we can only wait patiently from our side.

2. The site gets open, but is too slow or gets down we need to refresh, refresh, refresh to open it, here are possible solutions we can do.

Note: if site is too slow, avoid making payments as chances of getting failed is high.

Like how we ask to google assistant, OK GOOGLE “Open CMA Website to apply for the online examination” it responds and we get the site opened…

Google goes to the CMA server and asks someone wants to apply, and the CMA server responds and the website gets open, here there is no problem, as the only one asks and the response is too fast.

But, when too many people ask the CMA server gets jammed as it doesn’t know who to responds to when requests come in hundreds or thousands. The basic solution is to do when there is less request, i.e when people won’t be applying. so late nights after 11 pm or early mornings like 6 am when no people use the website when we open it responds faster.

The following are other steps we can follow to help us…

Step 1: Check if you have a stable internet connection

Check your speed in this website:

If you have a minimum of 1 Mbps download and upload it’s enough

Step 2: Use the updated version of your browser [Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox]

Mostly many will be using chrome so you can try with firefox

For PC/ laptop:

Google Chrome latest version:

Mozilla Firefox latest version:

For Android devices:

Google Chrome latest version:

Mozilla Firefox latest version:

For iOS devices:

Google Chrome latest version:

Mozilla Firefox latest version:

Step 3: Clear your cache

Clear your cache from your settings that can help you out

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