Phone Battery Tips

Phone battery is the thing whose energy % we want to be high always and don’t want to get low soon.

  • Never use any battery saving apps:

After reading this fully, if you have any battery-saving apps go and uninstall them first. All these apps only show a fake appearance they save charge, but really, they never do that.

Use your phone battery saver option that really helps

  • Best charging lifetime:

The best charge percent to put the mobile in charge and to remove it is between 20 – 80 %. This gives a very good battery life.

  • Overnight charging! does my battery burst?

This is one of the biggest myths. Your phone doesn’t explode if you charge the whole night. After your charge reaches 100% your phone cuts off the power supply between the charger and the phone. So your battery is safe.

  • Using other charger does your battery burst?

This is also a myth. You can use other chargers but ensure it’s a good company, only using a low-cost local brand charger can affect your battery.

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