SBI New Charges from 1st July 2021

SBI the largest commercial bank is going to implement new charges for cash withdrawal and cheque book after a certain limit from 1st July 2021.

Cash Withdrawal

SBI Limits the cash withdrawal at the SBI branch and ATM, the customer will be charged ₹15 + GST after four free transactions. These four transactions include both in SBI and other banks ATM and at SBI branch beyond that, the SBI customer is liable for charges.

Cheque Book

The Basic Savings Bank Deposit (BSBDaccount is limited to only ten cheque leafs per financial year. After that, the customer is liable for charges. Let’s take a look at the charges below.

After the use of the first 10 Cheque Leaf in a financial year.

a] Next 10 will be charged at ₹40 plus GST;

b] Next 25 will be charged ₹75 plus GST; and

c] ₹50 plus GST will be charged on Emergency Cheque Book for first 10 cheque leafs and thereof.

Senior citizens are exempted from this cheque book use limit.

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