TOP News on 31-05-2021

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Google photos – no more its free

From 1st June 2021, all the media stored in google photos, the storage will be taken from 15 GB free storage which google provides to its every user.

Earlier the google photos had unlimited storage.

If your storage is full, you cannot upload more files and your media excess 15 GB will be kept safe for 24 months.

MG Motor – Attero

MG Motor has partnered with Attero to re-use the battery used in electric cars.

Electric cars are the future so most of the top companies has moved to manufacturing electric cars.

Xiaomi– Hyper charging technology

Xiaomi has showcased a new technology in charging they are naming it hyper charging.

They have shown a smart phone with 4000 mah battery to charge in 8 mins from 0 to 100% in wired charging.

The same with wireless in 15 mins. The World is getting faster.

Jio reintroduces its ₹98/- plan

Jio has reintroduced its ₹98/- plan which offers 1.5 GB daily to its users for 14 days.

It also gives a voucher for 101/- for 12 GB data.

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