Who is the richest person in India?

Who is the Richest Person In India? With the total net worth its obvious Ambani, but the real one is Ratan Tata !

Ratan Tata is the former chairman of the TATA Group, TATA Group is an International Indian Company with a conglomerate of 30 companies with a combined net capital of 233 Billion Dollars.

Ambani’s Reliance has a capital of 170 Billion Dollars.

Now you may all have a question why Ratan Tata is not the richest person in India.

Here are the reasons why ?

The main reason is because TATA donates it all to charity, to the TATA trusts. Ratan Tata believes distributing the profits back to the people as he has got from them.

Ratan Tata once said “We are Industrialist and not Businessmen, I don’t want India to be an Economic Superpower. I wan India to be a happy country”

TATA Trust owns 66% of the TATA Group and Ratan Tata holds just 0.8% of it. If he also owns the share of TATA Trust, he would be worth 153 Billion Dollars and would have been the 4th Richest person in this World.

Ratan Tata may not be richest in India, but he is the richest at Heart.

This is my most favourite quote from Ratan Tata

Noone can destroy Iron, but its own rust can!

Likewise, no one can destroy a person,

But its own mindset can!

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